To lead, integrate and represent the printing industry, valuing the printed communication and promoting the development of its members and other stakeholders.


To unite, strengthen and expand the Brazilian printing industry, sustainably interacting with other sectors of the productive chain.


  • - Contribute to the economic and technological progress in the sector;
  • - Identify and protect the general interests of the Brazilian Printing Industry;
  • - Maintain partnerships with research centers and teaching in the graphic area;
  • - Promote exchanges with domestic and foreign entities, aiming to increase the technical and management standards;
  • - Disseminate information of interest for the professional development of its members;
  • - Represent the Printing Industry before the federal, state or local public authorities, municipal corporations, mixed economy and other entities of interest;
  • - Support the development and integration of the regional branches of ABIGRAF established in the country.


  • - Assume obligations and sign agreements or protocols, including with the public authorities;
  • - Participate as an active member of activities organized by national or international counterpart organizations;
  • - Promote, encourage and coordinate the editing of technical and bibliographic material, annuals, magazines and periodicals relating to the graphic activities;
  • - IEncourage, coordinate, promote and manage ways of economic organization of the industry;
  • - Create stations, cooperatives or consortia to provide members with easy operation of credit or purchase and sale of raw materials, supplies, equipment and graphic products operations;
  • - Organize, coordinate, fund or promote events directed towards the Printing Industry such as congresses, fairs, symposia, seminars, courses, contests and prizes.